If the adage “hustle hard” had a face, it would bear the likeness of multi-media personality Beestroh who applies that life code to every waking hour, which aren’t very many in his world.  As a DJ, Radio Personality, Event Host, Actor, Voice Over Talent and Writer, the Holyoke, MA native makes it difficult for anyone attempting to out-hustle him. 

As a teenager he ran the city streets, but was always keenly aware of his passion for music and a larger life purpose.  A founding member of a Hip-Hop trio called Dotcom, the two man, one woman group were close to inking a major label record deal when the group disbanded due to internal conflicts.  Disappointed but not deterred, Beestroh decided to take his talents south and accepted an internship with urban radio station Hot 107.9 in Atlanta.  It is a testament to his character having humbled himself to start from the bottom and work his way up knowing that his career experience far exceeded his title.  But as in most success stories, Beestroh turned an obstacle into an opportunity.

Beestroh swiftly rose to the top of the radio ranks due to his intrinsic ability to effectively and efficiently learn every job at the station, thus becoming an invaluable team player.  As a result of his diligence and undeniable skill set, Beestroh became one of the most in-demand personalities in the city earning the name “the voice of the streets.”  He has interviewed and shared stages with everyone from Drake, Puffy and Chris Brown to The Game, 50 Cent and 2 Chainz. 

A master strategist, Beestroh continues to manage his numerous hustles, which now include his entertainment blog www.Beestroh.com, being a contributing writer for multiple industry publications, mixtape hosting and upcoming film projects including "Scary Movie 5" and "Reed Between the Lines," as well as a feature role in the new sitcom "Wayans Brothers Second Generation."

             Now a father, he seeks to use his visibility to influence change in the community, particularly as a role model and mentor for those struggling with circumstances similar to his own youth. He is proof that positive life changes are possible, and his self- built career wasn’t launched by luck. Beestroh’s success is the product of steadfast determination and hard work, coupled with natural talent that has only just begun to make its mark on the entertainment industry.