Sunday, April 7, 2013

Old Lady Not Playing! LMAO!: 84 Year Old Woman Pepper Sprays Guard Bingo Event

Sheriff's deputies say that an 84-year-old shot pepper-spray at a security guard during a retirement community bingo event in central Florida, WESH reported.

The guard, 67-year-old Michael Burke, told investigators that he used crates to reserve two handicapped parking spaces for women attending the game. Other handicapped spaces were open and available, yet Donald Handa set his sights on the ones Burke had saved, according to Click Orlando.

Burke said Handa moved the crates, then parked his car and headed toward the building. It is unclear whether Handa had a handicapped sticker on his vehicle.

When Burke tried to stop Handa and get him to move his car, he says Handa whipped out a can of pepper spray and sprayed him with it.

Marion County Sheriff's deputies say Handa told them that he'd had problems with Burke for two weeks, and sprayed him because he felt threatened when Burke started chasing after him.

Burke admitted that the two had squabbled recently. He chose not to press charges.