Thursday, June 27, 2013

Talk About A Signing Bonus!: Signing Gift From Jay-Z to Kevin Durant

Instagram user "buckyturco" posted a photo of a gorgeous brand new Rolls Royce Phantom with the caption, "There's a Rolls Royce with a bow on it in front of 40/40." This is interesting, because Kevin Durant joined Hov at the 40/40 Club to celebrate signing to Roc Nation Sports, and many are speculating that the $400,000+ whip is a gift from Jay-Z to KD.

Among the speculators is Bun B, who after seeing the pic tweeted, "My next move. Sports."

It seems very likely that the car is indeed a gift from the Brooklyn rap general, as Hov also gifted Roc Nation Sports signee Skylar Diggins with a Mercedes after she graduated from Notre Dame.