Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Damn!: iPhone 5 Named Most Hated Smartphone?

A study conducted by the U.K.-based agency We Are Social found that customers are more interested in Samsung vs. the iPhone 5 or BlackBerry Z10. After each phone's release, the company tracked various social media outlets (Twitter, blogs, and forums) to gage an area of interest. 

The breakdown is as follows: After tracking the responses and comparing each of the four devices, the firm found that 20% of the posts discussing the iPhone 5 were complaints. This compares to 18% of posts that complained about the BlackBerry Z10 and 15% that griped about Nokia's Lumia 920. Just 11% of posts covering the Galaxy S4 were complaints, leading We Are Social to conclude that Samsung's flagship phone is the “most loved” handset on the market.

 Of all the phones the iPhone 5 was most noted. Following its debut, We Are Social tracked 1.7 million conversations about the device, compared to only 300,000 for the Blackberry Z10, and 140,0000 for Samsung's Galaxy S4. However, customers complained about several things including the iPhone 5's appearance (not so much of an upgrade from the previous model, aside from its size) and the Apple Maps app.