Monday, August 5, 2013

Bad Boy....Bieber???: Justin Bieber's Crew Allegedly K.O. Man Outside Of Southampton Club.

Justin Bieber's entourage is under investigation for allegedly knocking a man unconscious during a brawl.

The singer and his crew were at South Pointe nightclub in Southampton, New York on Saturday (August 3rd) when an argument broke out between Justin and the male friend of a woman who had tried to speak to the pop star in the VIP section, but was denied.

“He (Bieber) ripped his shirt off and went nuts. He was screaming,” a source told theNew York Daily News.

The argument spilled outside, where a fight broke out. TMZ reports that Justin jumped through the sunroof onto the hood of the SUV he was in while members of his team, which included four bodyguards and friends allegedly knocked the unidentified man out.

A police report was filed. Authorities are looking into what happened. Bieber is not the target of the investigation, only his crew.