Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You Knew It Was Coming: Usher's Ex-Wife Asks For Emergency Hearing To Regain Custody

Raymond Vs. Raymond round 2 is about to begin. TMZ is reporting that Tameka Raymond has filed legal documents requesting an emergency hearing this week in an effort to regain custody of her two sons from ex-husband Usher.

In the documents filed in Fulton County, Georgia, Tameka claims Usher is failing to fulfill his duties as a father by letting other people take care of the kids.

The singer was granted full custody of the children in August 2012, following a bitter divorce. Tameka has limited custodial rights.  The former couple's son, Usher Raymond V, almost drowned Monday (August 5) after his hand got stuck in the drain of his father's pool. He's currently in an Atlanta hospital recovering.  Tameka alleges that Usher is creating a dangerous environment for their kids. She is especially upset with Usher's aunt, who was watching Raymond V when the accident happened.

Tameka's complaints about the aunt include allegations that she is too physical with the children when disciplining them and has let a stalker in the home where Usher and the kids were staying