Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dope Art Wrk by DavidWalker!

Art Basel is the place to be to see new art and dope visuals. This year, there were all kinds of exhibits from Drive Thru’s to live exhibits. The other big deal at Art Basel Miami Beach were the murals. A lot of murals went up last week and they are pretty cool. One of those artists to get a mural up was London-based artist David Walker.

Walker took his usual weapon, spray paint, and decorated a wall in the Miami area. Without using a single brush, he was able to translate his vision onto the wall. This was definitely a conversation piece at Art Basel and was one of the most talked about visuals at the festival. The mural is full of bright, vivid colors as it outlines a woman’s face, hair and shoulder. It is eye-catching and definitely something worth seeing while in the Wynwood area on NW 26th Street.