Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rihanna Throwing Subliminals At Ex Beau Drake On

It appears that international Pop star Rihanna may be in dire need of a journal or a diary. The Bajan beauty not one to hold her tongue is known for firing at will….ahem only on social media of course…. at fellow artists, members of the Rihanna Navy, oh and ex-boos are not immune to that sharp tongue of Rhi’s either. Reports have been coming in that her and rapper Drake have parted ways, after a short lived romance and it seems like Rihanna may be feeling some type of way…. Check out Rhi throwing cyber shots inside! I guess the Pisces and Scorpio match were not a perfect fit in the heavenly constellation after all. It appears that once Drake finally got his reported “dream girl”, he was just too busy ‘paper chasing’ to keep her. Well it seems like Rhi is still smarting from finally giving Drake the time of day….only to get curbed. I’m sure Rhi wasn’t too happy about Drake shouting out urban model Miracle Watts in his latest verse on ‘Thotful’.