Sunday, June 23, 2013

No Words: Rapper Facing 10 To Life After Taking Film Crew To a Drug Deal

Aspiring Brooklyn rapper Michael (Rab) Garrett might've benefited from the saying, "G's move in silence." Garrett brought a camera crew along with him to Pennsylvania to allegedly film him making a drug deal. Now, Garrett is facing 10 years to life in prison, after one of his associates ratted him out during a car stop by Pennsylvania state troopers.

Garrett is the leader of the Brownsville-based posse "Together Forever Mafia," and had hired a crew to make a video out of his interstate travels. 

The video allegedly shows Garrett also reacting to the state trooper's bust of one of his associates, as he gathers piles of cash and speaks to his lawyer to make sure "nobody is talking on nobody."

Michael Garrett's lawyer James Lisa claims his client is simply playing a character, his rap persona.

"If he's a drug dealer, I'm a kangaroo," said Lisa, "because he doesn't even have enough money to pay me."